Refinancing a loan

The refinancing process is really pretty simple you'll apply for a loan and you'll asked for documentation to verify the information on the loan application. Some of the documentation may not make sense to you as to why it is being requested. Frankly, some documentation requested is more about fraud control than your ability to make the payment.

Bottom line, 'roll-with-the-punches' and get the information requested to the loan officer or processor as fast as you can. Make sure that the documentation is complete and not missing any pages.

You will save yourself a lot of stress, anxiety and time by quickly getting the information and documentation as requested. If you simply don't have what is requested ask for an alternative.

The following information is collected with the loan application to expedite loan approval. Your circumstances may require other information.

Information to refinance a home:
  • Copy of the declaration page of the existing homeowner’s insurance policy for all properties owned including the property you are refinancing. (typically the 1st page of the renewal notice)

For all applicants:

  • W-2’s coving the last two years
  • Pay stubs covering the last 30 days *
  • Complete bank & investment statements covering the last 2 months

If any of the applicants are self-employed, complete individual and corporate tax returns covering the last two years and a year end income statement and balance sheet are generally required.

* If 25% or more of the applicant’s income is derived from commissions, bonuses or overtime, complete individual tax returns covering the last two years are generally required.

Other information you may need includes the names, addresses & account numbers as applicable:

  • Mortgagee information covering the last 2 years
  • Current installment loans
  • Charge card information
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